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Getting Started with Zazen
Some Suggestions on Practice
The Existential Buddhist
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White Plains Zen meets weekly on Tuesday nights from 7:30-9:00pm at Saint Bartholomew's Church.


If you are new to Zen please arrive at 6:45 for a brief introduction.

Our Practice:

Zazen: seated meditation involves working with the body, breath, and mind: entering into deep silence and stillness, opening to a fresh awareness.  It opens the eye to wisdom and the heart to compassion.  Our practice emphasizes the practice of zazen, recognizing it as a way for people to deepen their insight of their true self... To Awaken!

Becoming a Member

There are no membership requirements.   We are an interfaith group and are not bound by any religion. Everyone from all walks of life and from all religious or non-religious backgrounds are welcome to sit with us.  There are no fees or dues, however, donations are accepted via the Offering Bowl.

White Plains Zen

White Plains Zen, a sittting group started in Feburary 2002 is affiliated with Morning Star Zendo in Jersey City NJ. All are part of the White Plum Asanga, in the lineage of Hakuyu Taizan Maezumi Roshi.              

Our guiding teacher: 
Robert E. Kennedy, S.J. Roshi.


White Plains Zen Sangha is a member of the Zen Peacemaker Order (ZPO) based at the Maezumi Institute in Montague, MA. This is an open and free association of Zen groups, either in the lineage of Bernard Glassman, Roshi , or practicing zen and socially engaged spirituality. The purpose of the cooperative efforts of the affiliating groups is to maintain zen practice, realization and actualization, and to nurture, promote and creatively transform zen traditions. The mission, vision and unifying principles of Zen Peacemakers can be read at or by contacting the ZPS Coordinator, Sally Sonen Kealy at

Upcoming Retreats
(Email for more info)


Upcoming Guest Teachers

  • Winter Solitude

    In a world of one color

    The wind calls to us

    January   12 - 19

    Winter Sesshin

     Good Counsel Academy
    White Plains, NY

    Winter strips us, our landscapes are barren and bare. 
    Winter solitude calls for us to reflect, to let go, and grow.
      Please join us on this noble journey!  

    We have 23 beds available. 

    Cost:  $75  @ night, meals included

    Carl Chimon Viggiani, Sensei

    and others!


    Please Join us on December, 23rd

    Guest Teacher

    Carl Chimon Viggiani, Sensei

    We are fortunate to have Carl Viggiani, Sensei visit with us.

    Carl is a Dharma Heir of Robert Kennedy, SJ, Roshi.

    Carl began formal study of Zen Buddhism with the Japanese Teacher Eido Roshi in 1987, later moving to Dai Bosatsu Zendo, Eido Roshi's monastery in the Catskills, where he lived and practiced until 1993. He continued with Daido Loori Roshi at Zen Mountain Monastery, and with Roshi Robert Kennedy at Morning Star Zendo in Jersey City.

    He will sit, offer daisan (one to one teaching) in the second period and a Dharma talk in the last period.

    Please join us!

    Questions or comments? Contact us at:




    St. Bartholmew's Church

    82 Prospect St.  White Plains,  NY 

    Reminder: Sunday Soup Kitchen January 4th hosted by White Plains Zen.

    There is a REAL NEED!  

    Email for details if you would like to help! 

    Also: Please consider donating any winter clothes that you may not need.

    This simple act of compassion will help. 

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    Email address:

       Questions or comments?
    Contact us at:


    Mailing Address:
    St Bartholomew’s Church 
    82 Prospect Street
    White Plains, NY 10606